Slim Cover

Slim Cover is the application machine for large formats, built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.


Application machine for large formats, single axis with 4 or 6 guns.

Entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel. Single vaulted cabin that can be inspected through side openings, bottom with two central drains, anti-over-spray nets and belt protection.

All our SLIM COVER machines are designed and built for the application of small, medium and large quantities of engobes and glazes or glazes + microgranules, mainly for large-sized tiles.

On an upper translator axis, 4 or 6 airless guns are installed which, by means of the movement of a mechanical arm, advance back and forth as tiles and slabs pass inside the booth. Guns and nozzles work parallel to each other, so as to maintain the same distance between the 4 nozzles and to guarantee an excellent and homogeneous application on the tile. The application takes place perpendicular to the tile.

The Slim Cover machine can be supplied with a stainless steel upper axis in stainless steel or with carbon fiber components.

Remote control: Air Power 4.0 assistance team that allows immediate and total supervision of the machine and remote assistance as well as the possibility of starting the machine remotely. Minimizes restart times following sudden breakdowns.

OPTIONAL RAPID WASH SYSTEM: saving water, enamel and time, increasing productivity.

OPTIONAL FLUX CONTROL SYSTEM: automatic flow control on the airless nozzle, integrated on Slim Cover Fast: eliminates flow instability for individual nozzles, eliminates weight errors, checks wear and signals partial or total blockage , on each individual nozzle. Through predictive maintenance, i.e. the analysis of raw material consumption, it warns the operator in advance to replace the nozzles.


Thanks to the application system of the Slim Cover machine, discrepancies in the distribution of engobe/glaze between the center and the sides of the tiles are avoided, which is the main problem of the traditional airless system with fixed guns, in the production of large slabs.

Minimizes restart times

Considerable saving of suspended product

Upper single axis

Vault cabin

Constant quality production

4.0 Interconnection

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