4.0 software

We create 4.0 solutions that range from a new project to an expansion or maintenance of an existing plant, through the complete acquisition of PROCESS CONTROL on the glazing line.


Drastic reduction of operator intervention, resulting in a decrease in errors, stops and waste.

Production increase

Cost and line stops reduction, optimization of the plant operational phase.

Predictive analytics

Monitoring and processing of insight for preventive maintenance.

Glazing Line Supervision

Air Power Glazing Line Supervision is the mechatronics management software: it display production data, monitors production yields and suggests necessary interventions on machinery to operators.

The 4.0 process control completes the entire glazing range, from handling machinery, to application machinery, from glaze preparation to the finished product, the whole process is interconnected and automated.

4.0 Process Control

The production process control through AirPower Glazing Line Supervision allows for:

AUTOMATION: significant reduction of operator intervention and consequent reduction in errors, production stops and waste
REAL-TIME ANALYSIS INFORMATION: constant detection and prediction of anomalies in real-time data streams from IoT sensors
MONITORING/INSIGHT PROCESSING: detection of essential information such as production data and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
REMOTE ASSISTANCE: coordinated remote assistance, that minimizes downtime in case of sudden breakdowns


Quick and qualified software assistance support, fully remotely. The service includes secure and high-performance internet connections that guarantee optimization of start-up times, reduction of start-up costs, travel costs and costs relating to the presence of the technician on site as well as a reduction in the related downtime.

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