Rapid Wash

Rapid Wash - Automatic Airless Booth Washing is the automatic washing system for airless booths.


Automatic washing system for airless booths.

The washing cycle can be set automatically during the digital cleaning cycle or during line stops, or activated manually from the control panel.

You can choose to set a washing frequency within the work shift. Settable wash cycle time.


During washing, the following actions are performed:

➡ washing pump, pipes and nozzles

➡ cabin washing using fixed and mobile high pressure rotating heads

➡ washing of the suction boxes using low pressure nozzles

➡ gutter and belt / belt scraper washing

➡ introduction of pressurized air to expel excess water in the pipes

At the end of the washing cycle, the line resumes normal production.


System compatible with Slim Cover, Slim Cover Fast and ceramic glazing airless booths.


  • Increased productivity
  • Saving of water and enamels
  • Time saving

Saving time

Saving raw materials

Production Increase

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