E-Pic Glaze

Innovative application machinery for pressure and full field glazing of ceramic supports.


E-PIC Glaze on Demand is the ideal technology for the application on any type of effect (wood, marble, stone); it allows to obtain maximum aesthetic results in the application of all materials in full field, on all types of ceramic surfaces.

The versatility of the new E-PIC GLAZE allows the application of a very wide range of product weights on the tile.


Guarda in 3d


  • It eliminates all major and most common application defects.
  • More consistent and uniform application and thickness of the glaze.
  • Use of glazes with completely water-based formula.
  • It works with all glazes currently used in full field glazing duly additivated.
  • It is ideal for the application on any type of effect (wood, marble, stone), even three-dimensional, exploiting the water-repellence technique combined with any digital machine on the market.
  • It enhances the definition of Digital decoration.
  • Fully automated: it minimizes washing, cleaning times and consumption; it reduces production stops; it reduces material waste.

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