AddStation is an automatic station for adding and dosing additives and correcting density during the production cycle.


Automatic station for adding and dosing additives and density correction during the production cycle.

Mass density meter. It measures the density in real time using a special sensor and keeps it constant.

Pre-set the desired density value and a negative and positive offset.

Dosing and automatic addition, for each production, up to 4 additives.

Touch-screen operator interface with integrated synoptic for visualizing the preparation cycle.

Compact system, compatible with any tub size.

Possibility of remote control panel.


AddStation machinery allow to:

  • increase productivity thanks to time savings in the preparation of glazes;
  • reduce product waste as it uses only the quantity of product necessary for production;
  • obtain a constant quality of production.

Possibility of remote control panel

Productivity increase

Consistent production quality

4.0 Interconnection

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