Since its foundation, Air Power has devoted significant resources to the research, design and development, producing the technology to its rules needed to realize their products and developing a significant technological know-how within the group. The AP story is made of technology patents on highly sophisticated systems and a constant investment in R&D.
A path that goes up to the present day with the release of the patent belonging to the design of the series of application machines for large format SLIM COVER FAST, which marked the turning point towards a new era of change and evolution in the sector ceramic slabs.

Customer services

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective that governs the Air Power politics. Air Power devotes constant attention to the quality and personalization of customer service. In addition to the design, the services we offer to our customers ranging from production, sales and service to the pre- and post-sales. The efficient and professional service for routine maintenance of the plants and for the replacement of spare parts is the confirmation of the fact that AP is really committed in working in real partnership and close collaboration with client companies. Finally, the reliability of Air Power is also expressed through an efficient logistics service.

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