Application machinery

Production of equipment for the application of glazes, slips, crystallines


Dosing station and automatic additivation

Airless booth

different sizes.

Application system

Airless System

Airless application. Guarantees the full control of the glazing process.

Cabin roof tiles

Airless application system

Control weight

to check the flow capacity


Density Control System

Disco cabin

different sizes.

Engobbiatore a rullo

Engobe applicator in the lower part of the tile.

Powder Grits Granigliatore 700-900-1200-1600

Machine for application of powder and grits

Rapid Wash – Cabin washing system

Automated washing system

Slim Cover

Airless glaze application machine for big sizes.

Slim Cover Fast

with 6 upper separated transfer shafts, with carbon fiber support arms.

Special Airless – airless pumps

Airless pump in anti-wear material, manual pressure adjustment. 4 models availables.

Surface / Surface Easy

Waterfall system excellent for engobes, glazes, glazes with microgrits and vetrified transparent frits application.

Surface Easy 800 SB

Waterfall system, max green size 880, fired size 800.

Surface Easy 600 SB

Waterfall system, max fired size 600, green size 660.

Surface Easy 900

Waterfall system, max fired size 900, green size 980.

Surface Easy 1200

Waterfall system, max fired size 1200, green size 1340.

Surface Easy 1800

Waterfall system, max fired size 1800, green size 1850.


Density and viscosity control and correction system.